New ThemeΒΆ

Best example is live code, we have two base themes for you and lives under main github group

As you can see theme must contains one template for page layout and optionaly base css for this layout and some color variations lives in skins directory.

Directory structure:

    |-- templates
        |-- base
            |-- page
                |-- bootswatch.html
    |-- static
        |-- themes
            |-- bootswatch
                |-- _variables.scss
                |-- cosmo
                    |-- _variables.scss
                    |-- _styles.scss
                    |-- scheme.scss

Required stuff for color sheme is scheme.scss which may contains something like this:

@import "_variables";
@import "../_styles";
@import "_styles";


Every skin must have _variables file which is dynamically appended to every widget scss file.

If we run

python sync_all

or any his variations Leonardo load base page templates into database and after this step tries find css in theme location. After that we have ready theme for our pages and also for editing via admin interface.

Leonardo automatically load these tested themes if is present. For their installation write this in your environment

For all supported themes simple do

pip install django-leonardo[themes]

python sync_all -f

sync themes

python sync_all -f

Solo AdminLTE

pip install leonardo_theme_adminlte

# or via main package

pip install django-leonardo[adminlte]


Don’t remmeber sync themes, which is described in the web/themes

For new theme is situation more complex. You have two options:

  • create your Leonardo module descriptor and put your theme name into main APPS
  • pur your theme name directly into main INSTALLED_APPS, but this is more hard way

For first option you must write simple leonardo module descriptor in my_new_theme_name/

class Default(object):

    # define your specific apps
    apps = ['my_new_theme_name']

default = Default()

and add it to APPS in

APPS = [

That’s it. Run sync_all.

New scaffold theme with using cookiecutter

pip install cookiecutter
git clone cookiecutter-leonardo-site
cookiecutter cookiecutter-leonardo-site